About SVeCLab

Located in the Design Hub, room DCG.1C, within the Technology Park at Coventry University, the Smart Vehicles Control Lab (SVeCLab) is a recently established multi- and inter-disciplinary laboratory within the Institute for Future Transport and Cities.


While open to a wide spectrum of applications, the lab’s main motivation is in conducting research and supporting teaching involving Modelling, Control & Optimisation with emphasis on Hybrid Electric/Electric Vehicles and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles.

Founding Members

Dr Arash Moradinegade DIZQAH – Member
Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Transport Systems

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Dr Mauro Sebastián INNOCENTEMember
Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Dr José Martín HERREROSVisiting Research Fellow (University of Birmingham)
Lecturer in Vehicle Engineering

Research Students

Brandon Lee BALLARD, PhD Student
Distributed Predictive Control Strategies for Active Suspension Systems with Preview
(Main Supervisor: Dr A.M. Dizqah)

Paolo GRASSO, PhD student
Dynamics, Control and Cooperative Decision-Making in Swarms of Self-Organising Drones Aimed at Fighting Fires Autonomously
(Main Supervisor: Dr M.S. Innocente)

Zihao Liu
Zihao LIU, PhD Student
Mission Dependent Predictive Engine and After-Treatment Control Strategies for Passenger Car Diesel Engines
(Main Supervisor: Dr A.M. Dizqah)


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Real-Time Simulation platforms as an affordable test bed to:

  • Simulate HEV/EVs in signal level.
  • Develop real-time implementation of the control algorithms for autonomous vehicles and HEV/EVs on ECUs.
  • Simulate smart grid and microgrids for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) applications.
  • Integrating driver- and the signal-level hardware-in-the-loop simulators to develop and test advanced control strategies.

3D printer and CNC machine

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Mini-roller bench test rig to characterise planar robots.

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Small robots as the affordable test bed to:

  • Develop Connected Vehicles control algorithms.
  • Develop Algorithms for autonomous vehicles.
  • Develop vehicle-to-grid algorithms.
  • Develop energy management strategies for EVs.

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